mediatEUr brings together a network of qualified mediators and thematic experts to support peace processes in countries affected or threatened by conflict. mediatEUr works with conflict parties, peace practitioners, policymakers and organisations active in conflict resolution, peacemaking and peacebuilding

mediatEUr works to promote the use of mediation and dialogue as effective and constructive methods for resolving conflicts. Its does this through direct mediation and facilitation; providing advice to conflict resolution efforts; and capacity-building for individuals and organisations.


mediatEUr's goal is to support the peaceful transformation of armed conflicts within and between states, by promoting the use of innovative and effective methods of conflict resolution, dialogue and mediation.


Equipping conflict parties and mediators with the right tools at the right time can fundamentally change conflict dynamics. mediatEUr's experts contribute in-depth knowledge, and it bring together the right people to turn that knowledge into practice. 


mediatEUr was founded and built up by a number of individuals that saw challenges in their respective fields of international conflict resolution, be that in the commercial arena, or foreign policy. The founding idea is that promoting interest-based negotiation and mediation could make a meaningful contribution to tackling these challenges.mediatEUr was established as a forum that brings together and supports conflict resolution professionals, and helps advance the professional practice of international peace mediation. Since our founding in 2007, we have worked on a growing number of assignments and projects around the world, and have built up a solid network of professionals that act as a resource in this field.

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