The International Center for Policy Studies, in cooperation with the Public Initiatives Center (Azerbaijan), Article 42 of the Constitution (Georgia) and Transparency International (Moldova), are launching the project “Civil society for combating corruption and promotion open governance in the Eastern Partnership countries”.

The project aims to strengthen the capacity and promote the role of civil society in the field of open Governance and the fight against corruption in the EaP countries, mainly through the continuous involvement of civic organizations in the policy development process at the national, regional and local levels.

The project envisages creating the main institutional and technical capabilities of partner organizations for active participation in policy development and the ability to implement response mechanisms to address issues in a rapidly changing environment. Within the framework of the project, a platform for joint training in the EaP countries will be created by strengthening existing networks and partnerships between organizations.

The implementation of this project will facilitate the exchange of best practices, as well as the development of information and advocacy, communication strategy within the framework of advancement of project ideas.

Duration of the project is 8 months: June-December 2018

Project materials:

POLICY PAPER on the evaluation of civil society involvement in the Action Plan implementation of the Open Government Partnership
Initiative in Ukraine