Ukrainian women traditionally take an active part in social and political life of the country. A great number of women work in state bodies and local self-governing bodies. As of 2014, the total number of women working in state and local self-governing bodies was 75%. At the same time, the majority of those women work at the lower and middle levels of management, whereas men hold most of the jobs in senior management. Therefore, women have few possibilities to influence decision-making processes.

Project goal is to facilitate the development of leadership skills among women in Ukraine and increase opportunities for women to participate in political life of the country at the local, regional and national levels as well as increase women's influence on the decision-making process in Ukraine. 

Project implementation

It is planned to conduct a national public opinion survey on how the public evaluates the level of women's political participation in Ukraine as well as conduct comparative study on women's engagement in decision-making processes in Ukraine and European countries. Based on research findings, a draft resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on women's engagement in Ukraine's political processes will be elaborated and relevant state decisions will be implemented. 

The seminar on mechanisms of inclusion and participation of women in the constitutional process will held. It will involve representatives of the initiative "Interpeace" and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Female activists and female civil society leaders from all Ukrainian regions will be invited to participate in the seminar. During the event, international experts will share their experience of involving women in the process of constitutional reform and possibilities of their cooperation with the Constitutional Commission.

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March 6, 2015: Round Table Discussion and Presentation of the Opinion Survey “Women in Social and Political Life: Prejudice, Opportunities and Prospects”

April 20, 2015: Conference “EU Gender Policy: is it Possible to Implement the Best Practices in Ukraine?”

May 30, 2015: Seminar on "The Mechanisms of Women's Inclusion into the Constitutional Process"

June 12, 2015: Conference on "Women's Access to Politics in Ukraine at the National and Regional Levels"


ICPS Opinion Survey
“Women in Social and Political Life: Prejudice, Opportunities and Prospects”

ICPS Survey
“The European Union’s Gender Policy: Main Principles and Best Practices” (in Ukrainian)

Dr. Tamara Martsenyuk, ICPS associate expert
Presentation "EU Gender Policy" (in Ukrainian)

Ms. Milena Goryachkovska, Committee of Voters of Ukraine
Presentation “How to achieve 30% representation of women in the parliament. European legislative experience of inner-party rules and quotas” (in Ukrainian)

ICPS Infographics 
“Gender Composition of the European Parliament” (in Ukrainian)


"Ukrainian Politics. Cherchez la Femme", by Valentyna Halka, dated April 4, 2015 (in Russian)

"How To Make Women’s and Men’s Rights Equal. EU Experience", by Alena Sladovskaya, dated April 21, 2015 (in Russian)

"Influence of "Russkiy Mir" and War on Ukraine" (How armed conflict can open up new opportunities for women) by Yana Sedova, dated April 26, 2015 (in Russian)

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