The International Center for Policy Studies, in cooperation with Cultural Vistas (Germany) and with the support of the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs, is launching a project to support Ukrainian activists and experts involved in the integration of internally displaced persons (IDPs) into local communities in Ukraine. 13 participants from different regions of Ukraine, selected on a competitive basis, will attend a six-day workshop session in Berlin and will be able to improve skills for promoting the integration of IDP into host communities.

Starting from 2015, Germany has been actively testing various initiatives to improve the integration of migrants, many of which are based on cooperation with local or regional organizations and the commitment of individuals to adapt migrants to new environments. At the same time, Germany faced a wave of negative backlash, which led to many misunderstandings and cultural stereotypes. To minimize the effects of such trends, civil society representatives have been actively involved in Germany to support "newcomers in society", regardless of their region, political preferences, religion, etc. To ensure experience exchange on this issue, ICPS initiates a training program for Ukrainian colleagues.

Participants of the given program will be able to get familiar with the German experience of overcoming perceptions, stereotypes, misunderstandings, and developing their own decisions to improve the integration of IDPs according to the Ukrainian context. In addition, the workshop program will also include the study of the German reunification example of 1990-1991 and the implementation of decisions directed at bringing together two social and political cultures (East and West Germany) of those times.

The workshop program will be held in September 2018.

Upon the return to their communities in Ukraine, participants will organize the events involving IDPs and representatives of host communities with a view to discussing their experience and find ways to overcome the challenges faced by IDPs in Ukraine.