The use of world expert experience and public consultations in the process of amending the Constitution of Ukraine

The Ukrainian state has gone through several constitutional processes, but each time it resulted in a bargain of political elites on the division of powers and authorities.The struggle for power carried out by political forces over the recent years has led to even greater distortion of the Constitution and irregular interpretation of the whole law institutions. For example, a lack of understanding of the doctrine for human rights has led to the situation when the socio-economic rights were enshrined in the same legal way as the fundamental human rights and freedoms. The mechanism of power and power distribution does not comply with the world practices. The second best foundations were laid for the development of local government while regional government is not provided for by the Constitution at all.

It is no doubt that defects of constitutional provisions were used by subjects of political relations in order to usurp as much authority as possible and to avoid responsibility. A number of provisions was broken and ignored by governmental entities. Opacity and politicization of constitutional processes causes increasing social disillusionment with the Constitution as the social pact between a state and citizens.

Within a framework of the project its implementation includes the following items:

• Formation of expert advice centre at the Constitutional Commission, which will include both leading Ukrainian and international experts in constitutional law to provide professional expertise and assistance in the development of future provisions of the Constitution in the initial stages.

• roundtables and podium discussions with the public and political parties and other stakeholders to discuss the positions of the parties regarding the problems that lead to the need for constitutional reform involving moderators Interpeace;

• public consultations with all the stakeholders;

• training on the provisions of the new Constitution of Ukraine involving coaches from Interpeace;

• carrying out activities aimed at informing the society on the implementation of constitutional reforms, explanations on feasibility of certain changes;

• providing wide media information coverage on the issues related to the changes of the Constitution of Ukraine;

• creating a web - platform devoted to discussion of the new text of the Constitution of Ukraine;

• 24 regional events were held in the framework of the project.

The project's activities:

13.10.2015 - Chernivtsi

19.10.2015 - Kyiv

9.11.2015 - Kyiv

17.11.2015 - Rivne

18.11.2015 - Lutsk

19.11.2015 - Khmelnitsky

23.11.2015 - Lviv

24.11.2015 - Uzhgorod

25.11.2015 - Ivano-Frankivsk

01.12.2015 - Kharkiv

02.12.2015 - Dnipro

03.12.2015 - Zaporizhya

04.12.2015 - Kramatorsk

8.12.2015 – Zhytomir

09.12.2015 – Kramatorsk

10.12.2015 – Poltava

11.12.2015 – Sumy

15.12.2015 – Kyrovohrad

16.12.2015 – Mariupol

17.12.2015 – Odessa

18.12.2015 - Kherson

14.12.2015 - Kyiv

26.01.2016 - Kyiv

12.02.2016 - Kyiv

Summary publications

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