Political/Democracy education serves the needs of democratic reforms and development. It provides for the steady stream of democracy leaders who are both committed to democratic values and are also capable of being politically effective in holding the governments and elected officials accountable by participating in policy making processes via employing effective strategies of democratic civic mobilization, participation and advocacy.

While many civic education programs have been and are currently being implemented in Ukraine, there are relatively few that address the issues of political action and participation. Nevertheless, it is important that a careful mapping is carried out to chart what are the needs to best compliment the already existing efforts in Ukraine and provide a unique and valuable input in shaping a new generation of democracy leaders who will have the necessary skills and knowledge to positively influence democratic reforms and development of Ukraine.

Scope of the project

The study shall provide the survey and the analysis of existing political education programs in Ukraine on the one hand, and on the other hand, it shall furnish the analysis of the needs that are being relatively unaddressed by these efforts.

The research shall provide the macro level analysis of how best the needs of Ukraine’s political system and political parties can be addressed by targeted political education programs and where are the gaps in this regards, both in terms of the contents/curricula of such trainings, as well as regional or professional target groups of such programs.

Project’s aims

The study is aimed to answer the following question:

  • What major political education programs are currently being implemented in Ukraine?
  • In which regions and with what intensity?
  • What are the issue areas/subjects which are covered by these programs?
  • What are the target audiences of such programs?
  • Are there regions/regional centres where there are no such programs carried out?
  • What are the implementation modalities of these programs? I.e. duration per cycle of training etc.
  • Are there any linkages of these programs with local governments or political parties present?

Project partner

Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) is a democracy assistance organization of political parties in the Netherlands for political parties in young democracies. NIMD provides safe environments for political parties in a country to meet, overcome distrust and work together on political issues. In addition, NIMD also works directly with parties to strengthen their capacities, and provides education programmes for potential politicians. NIMD works in more than 20 countries in Africa, Latin America, The Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe.