Relevance of the Project:

Implementation of political component of the Minsk Agreements and activity of the subject Ministry of temporarily occupied territories and IDPs Ukraine (MinTOT) require an understanding of applied aspects of the implementation of the set of measures signed in Minsk. At present, the Ukrainian government and expert community lack experience in modelling political processes, also there is no discussions and no model of implementation of the Minsk Agreements. In case if such a model is successfully elaborated and implemented it may become an instrument of Donetsk and Luhansk self-proclaimed republics replacement and also become a road map for international organizations, government, media, NGOs, political parties, the Central Election Commission to have effect on the uncontrolled territories. For this purpose the ICPS is implementing the project on model elaboration of the Minsk agreements implementation on which basis will be offered the analysis and proposals for improving the existing regulatory framework, strategic decisions in order to reintegrate territories not controlled by the Ukrainian government. To perform this task a group of strategic advisors will be established at the MinTOT to provide expert analytical and advisory assistance in the ongoing work of the subject Ministry.

The purpose of the Project:

On the basis of public consultations with stakeholders to conduct modeling of the Minsk Agreements implementation as a tool of Donbass reintegration and to draft relevant legal documents for the worked model implementation with the help of strategic advisers to the MinTOT.

Activities in the Project:

  1. The analytical documents preparation:

1.1. Preparation of analytical document on possible models of conflict resolution in the Donbas, their drawbacks and advantages, economic, political, security, humanitarian and other dimensions.

1.2. Preparation of an analytical study on modelling of the Minsk Agreements implementation as a tool for reintegration and replacement of the Donetsk and Luhansk self-proclaimed republics.

1.3. Collection and generalization of proposals concerning modelling of the Minsk Agreements implementation at 4 public consultations in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Kramatorsk.

1.4. Sending of policy papers and studies with recommendations for consideration in the MinTOT, parliamentary committees, the National Security Council and the Presidential Administration.

1.5. Discussion of the documents contents and proposals with representatives of the MinTOT and state authorities to determine their needs on the part of experts in the implementation of the reintegration strategy of temporarily uncontrolled territories.

1.6. Conducting of the final presentation of models of the Minsk Agreements implementation.