The Pechenihy reservoir is a well-known recreation area in the Kharkiv region, located almost on the border with Russia. The nearness to Russia, affects the attitudes of the local population. Most residents work in the recreational infrastructure, which has been actively and illegally privatized for the last ten years by senior officials of Kharkiv. The land plots located on the coastline were sold underpriced, pine forest were cut and access to the beaches - blocked. Residents of Kharkiv and region, who used to spend vacations and weekends on the reservoir coast for decades, currently have no access to these areas. Thus, seeing constant examples of corruption, fueled by Russian propaganda, residents feel skeptical about the democratic values and reforms that Ukraine is trying to implement after the Revolution of Dignity. It is necessary to show the residents that positive changes are already taking place on a regional level.
The project goal is to draw attention to corruption in privatization of recreational objects and allocation of land plots on the coastline of the Pechenihy reservoir (Kharkiv region).
  • Identify the beneficiaries and investigate the legality of purchase of recreation objects and luxury houses, located on the shoreline of the Pechenihy reservoir;
  • Visualize the results of the investigations in the form of interactive long-read page;
  • In the minimum of three cases, the lawsuits will be initiated to seek the restitution of land plots/recreation objects to the ownership of the state/local communities.