National Dialogue



What divides Ukrainian people? What can unite them? How can we prevent further fragmentation of Ukrainian society? How to reconcile different societal groups that have opposing views on historical events and the political development of the country?

The ICPS project on "Intiating the participatory dialogue in Ukraine" is aimed at providing answers to these questions. The project is supported by МАТRА programme, which is administered by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is aimed at supporting social transformations in Central and Eastern Europe.

The authors of the project believe that though the past divides Ukrainians, the common vision of the future may reconcile them. The common vision of the future may be ensured through the elaboration of state policy on national unity, which should engage representatives of all Ukrainian regions in national dialogue. 

National dialogue will lay the foundation for unity of all Ukrainian regions based on common values. It will also start the process of national reconciliation.

This project is unique: it has been initiated by civil society and is oriented towards all Ukrainian regions as a whole. Also, the project provides for the engagement of all stakeholders in the project at the regional, national and international levels. 

Project activities include: 

  1. Conducting an all-Ukrainian public opinion poll;
  2. Preparing an analytical paper on factors that unite and divide Ukrainian society in different regions;
  3. Holding round tables with the objective of elaborating the common strategy for Ukrainian regions;
  4. Drawing regional maps of the common vision of the past and future of Ukrainian state;
  5. Holding a national meeting with the objective of elaborating proposals for the policy of national unity;
  6. Presenting the results of the activity of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers, Presidential Administration. 

ICPS project partners are European Forum for International Mediation and Dialogue "MediatEUr" (a non-governmental organization on mediation and assistance in armed conflicts, Brussels, Belgium) and an international peacebuilding organization  "Interpeace" (an independent peacebuilding organization based in Geneva, Switzerland).


January 22, 201: Round table on "What can divide and what can unite Ukrainians?"

January 29, 2015: Round table on "National dialogue. Is it necessary? Is it possible? Will it be effective?"

February 19, 2015: Discussion on "Ukrainian journalism in war times: impartiality vs patriotism"

April 13, 2015: Round table on "Crimea  - a year after the annexation. What comes next?"

April 9, 2015. Round table on "The Church in Ukraine: an element of disintegration, integration, or peacemaking?"

Regional Public Discussions Schedule*:

  • June 30, 2015: Kirovohrad 
    Institute of Socio-Cultural Management

July 05, 2015: - Sloviansk, Donetsk region
Round table on national reconciliation within the framework of the Forum on "Donbas Ukraine. Agenda" 

July 13, 2015: - Closing round table, Kyiv 
"National Dialogue in Ukraine: What Are the Chances of Success?"




The analysis of dialogue initiatives on conflict resolution in Ukraine 

Recommendations based on the results of the project