The International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) is a partner of Visegrad Academy for Political Leadership.

The project is carried out by the International Centre for Democratic Transition (ICDT) with the support of the International Visegrad Fund.

The program is elaborated by the ICDT in cooperation with Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia from Bratislava, Diplomatic Academy Prague, European Academy of Diplomacy from Warsaw and the International Centre for Policy Studies from Kyiv. 

It is designed to provide a unique opportunity for Ukrainian aspiring politicians to acquire and improve all the skills needed to become successful democratic political leaders. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it is designed in a tailor-made way, addressing the needs of the participants, while providing a complete skills development toolkit. Its main aim is to support the democratic transition of Ukraine by sharing the experience of the Visegrad Group countries. The Visegrad Academy for Political Leadership seeks to educate, connect and inspire Ukraine’s future leaders to pursue and promote civic engagement and to use the thus acquired skills to bring about positive change in Ukraine.

The studies modules will be held in Kyiv, Budapest and Warsaw, all of them having English as working language

Each of the modules are focusing on key distinct training activities, complementing each-other for establishing a complete skills development program. 

All costs (travel, board, accommodation) incurring during the activities will be covered by the organizers. There is no participation fee incurred.  

Who can apply?

Interested applicants of 22-35 years old must be B.A or M.A graduate students in relevant academic disciplines, such as political science, social science, communication and P.R, media, journalism, human rights, international relations, and political economy. The program is particularly targeting participants from the following groups: young leaders of CSOs, activists, media representatives, students. Eligibility is given only to Ukrainian citizens with valid passports for more than 6 months from start of the study trips. Applicants must have already been engaged in activities related to civic activism or any form of civic engagement (volunteering activities, internships, advocacy activities, etc), and must have a good knowledge of Ukraine’s internal political situation, and its history. 

In order to apply, please send us the following documents:

Curriculum Vitae (CV) including previous civic activism or civic engagement experience and contact details of two referees;

Short Essay about what you consider to be the most appropriate political platform for Ukraine to pursue by 2020 (tackling both internal and external policy). The essay should answer the questions about: What results should be achieved? What should be the priorities? The essays should not be longer than 2 pages (Times New Roman font 12, 1,5 spacing);

Letter of Recommendation from a Ukrainian organization or institution (NGO, media, higher level education, etc) where you have been involved in civic activism or civic engagement related activities. The application package should be sent to, no later than the 1st of April, 2015.

For more information about the project, please visit our website at:


12 - 15.05.2015 - Kyiv

Every training day will consist of both lectures and training activities which will be designed in a tailor-made way, and will combine thus theoretical and practical activities elaborated according to the needs of the participants. The selected applicants will be engaged in simulations, and round-table discussions, in order to develop and strengthen their skills such as public speaking, negotiation, persuasion, and critical thinking, only to name a few. In addition, the participants will be engaged in site visits, to governmental and international institutions, landmarks of democracy. Participants will benefit from diplomatic training including problem solving and conflict avoiding procedures, valuable in negotiations, regional cooperation and prevention of international dispute. 


14 - 16.09.2015 - Budapest

The first study trip will share experiences of CSO leaders who became successful politicians. The study will involve meetings with renowned politicians who have come up the ladder from the civil society sector promoting core democratic principles. In addition, site visits will be organized to governmental and international institutions, landmarks of democracy.


12 - 14.10.2015 - Warsaw

The second study trip will be composed of training activities focused on helping participants clarify their political messages, teaching them how to successfully advocate for their aims and getting political and citizenry support and to combat corruption.