In light of an ongoing debate about gender equality, it is important to look at how Ukrainian political parties respond to increased demand for women’s representation in politics notwithstanding whether such demands are placed on them by the law or, as a result, of increased public awareness and demand.

Scope of the project

The project will assess the two dimensions that are relevant to women’s political participation: intra-organizational context and socio-cultural/political environment.

From the intra-organizational perspective, the research will identify the steps that Ukrainian political parties have taken to better address the issue of equal representation in politics and the strategies and methods they have employed to recruit, train and nominate more women.

From the political/socio-cultural perspective, the research shall explore the political dynamics through gender lenses and look for example at public perceptions, and access to resources for women in addressing the question as to why there are relatively few women politicians playing the key roles in political parties.

Project’s aims

The objective of this research are:

  • to provide a comprehensive analysis of measures used by Ukrainian political parties to increase involvement of women in policy making;
  • to identify the main challenges on the intra and interparty level;
  • to highlight innovative approaches implemented by the Ukrainian parties in the recent past to engage more women;
  • to discuss what discourages political parties from becoming more equally representative of women.

Project partner

Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) is a democracy assistance organization of political parties in the Netherlands for political parties in young democracies. NIMD provides safe environments for political parties in a country to meet, overcome distrust and work together on political issues. In addition, NIMD also works directly with parties to strengthen their capacities, and provides education programmes for potential politicians.