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Iaroslav Kovalchuk

Head of Internal Policy Department

Photo for press

  • Political competition
  • State decisions
  • Leadership issues

Iaroslav Kovalchuk joined International Centre for Policy Studies in 2014.

Iaroslav graduated from the National University of Ostroh Academy and University of 
the Algarve (Faro, Portugal). He defended his PhD thesis on the Linguistic Component of a Charismatic Leader Appeal.

Iaroslav has been cooperating with a number of papers in Ukraine and abroad, such as The Day (Ukraine), Svoboda (USA) and The New Pathway (Canada). He contributes materials to Ukrainska Pravda web-site. 

He was a participant and coordinator of the Canada Ukraine Parliamentary Program. He served an internship as an assistant to the Member of the Parliamentin Canada.

Iaroslav participated in a number of international academic conferences in Oxford (UK), Ottawa (Canada), Lund (Sweden), Lisbon (Portugal)and Kyiv(Ukraine). Results of his research were published in international peer-reviewed journals.

Mr Kovalchuk speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, Portuguese

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